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Reza Bahrami,

was born on May 20, 1977 in Tehran at Eghbal Hospital. He has studied business in Iran University of Industries & Mines. He wrote his first book in the field of business called "Miracle of Motion”. Due to his great interest in art, he began his art studies at the Media Academy under the supervision of Changiz Jalilvand and began his professional career in the field of dubbing and singing. He authored his second book, a novel, “Samad, the Great Little Man”. In the meantime, he released some works such as "Dream of the Moon", "Breathless", "Gazelle in New York", "Paghadam",” Overnight Dream of Hafez" and a musical album called “Prakrti” in the field of singing and producing podcasts. These works are currently being broadcasted on world-renowned sites such as Amazon, iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.







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